Sep 20

LVTTC Weekly Tournaments Commencing Every Wed!!!

Las Vegas TTC Weekly Tournaments have commenced! Please visit the club every Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM. The total prize money for this tournament is $100!!! Bring on your best game and may the best man wins!


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  • Daniel And Peter Ives Break The World's Longest Table Tennis Rally!
    On March 23rd 2014, TableTennisDaily’s Daniel Ives and father Peter Ives broke the World Record for the Longest Table Tennis Rally! The duo achieved 8 hours, 40 minutes and 10 second breaking the Guinness World Record at the Plumstead Radical Club in London.

    The attempt was streamed live on the TableTennisDaily website and reached out to over 7,000 viewers and raised £1,400 for prostate cancer UK. According to Daniel’s friends they were on the edge of their seats watching the final moments on the live stream.

Mar 22

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  • Ma Long Is The Champion Of The 2014 Asian Cup! (VIDEO)
    Today on the 22nd March Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong at the Asian Cup 2014 in a thrilling battle!

    Ma Long – Photo by: Sports.Sohu

    On route to the final Ma Long overcame Chen Chien-An in the semi finals and Fan Zhendong eliminated Jun Mizutani.

    Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong 4-3: (11-9,

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  • Butterfly Launch New Website – WebMagazine!
    Butterfly are proud to reveal their brand new state-of-the-art website ‘Butterfly Mag’, the website will provide table tennis enthusiasts with information, pictures and articles on players, competitions and projects from table tennis around the world.

    The new innovative website is looking to take table tennis into the future and will be accessible on desktop, iPad and iPhones. The idea is that with the website being available on many devices, it will encourage table tennis players and followers to use it not just at home but whilst on route to

  • Austria Dominate At The Hungary Open 2014
    The GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour Hungary Open took place on Saturday 1st February in the city of Szombathely where Austria were able to take the tournament by storm.

    Daniel Habesohn – Photo by: ITTF

    The men’s singles event had a new champion as the title was secured by Austria’s Daniel Habesohn who has never

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