May 13

Nothing is Impossible


“Nothing is impossible” is the life mantra of Egypt’s arguably most ingenious para-athlete, Ibrahim Hamadtou.

Seeing is believing, with Hamadtou undeniably in a league of his own. After losing his arms in a tragic train accident at ten years old, the Egyptian now plays table tennis by serving the ball through flicking it up with his foot, and playing with the bat held in his mouth.

“I was trying first to use the bat under the arm, and I also tried using other things that weren’t working so well,” says Hamadtou, who first began playing table tennis three years after his accident. “Finally, I tried using my mouth.”

Sadly, it was not only his disability that initially hindered him from achieving his goal of being a table tennis champion. He regularly faced skepticism by most people he came across.
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Sep 20

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Jan 11

Today’s News

  • China Dominate 2015 World Team Cup! (VIDEOS)
    Today on the 11th December the Men’s and Women’s team finals took place at the 2015 World Team Cup in the city of Bangkoki, Tailand! The Men’s Singles final saw Japan’s Jun Mizutani take on Germany’s Dimitrij Ovtcharov! Full results and video below.

    Zhang Jike in action!

    On route to the final, Team China Men eliminated Austria, Egypt, Brazil and Chinese Taipei.

Jan 04

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Dec 14

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Nov 16

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Oct 28

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  • Zhang Jike's Celebration Goes Viral Around The World!
    Zhang Jike’s exuberant celebration during the final of the 2014 Men’s World Cup has gone viral! The Olympic champion’s outburst has attracted the attention of the world’s media including England, the United States, Australia, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. It has been the talk of the competition, along with the consequence he was to face after his actions, the well-known American channel ABC News stating that the Chinese player’s celebration was an “epic fail”.

    Zhang Jike kicking through the barriers – Photo by: Remy Gros

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Oct 26

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  • Zhang Jike Is The 2014 World Cup Champion! (VIDEO)
    Today on the the 26th October the 2014 Men’s World Cup took place in Dusseldorf, Germany. The final consisted of Ma Long and Zhang Jike. The most anticipated table tennis match of the year!

    Zhang Jike – Photo by:

    On route to the final, Zhang Jike eliminated Adrian Crisan, Quadri Aruna and Timo Boll. In the final hurdle Zhang Jike faced

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