May 13

Nothing is Impossible


“Nothing is impossible” is the life mantra of Egypt’s arguably most ingenious para-athlete, Ibrahim Hamadtou.

Seeing is believing, with Hamadtou undeniably in a league of his own. After losing his arms in a tragic train accident at ten years old, the Egyptian now plays table tennis by serving the ball through flicking it up with his foot, and playing with the bat held in his mouth.

“I was trying first to use the bat under the arm, and I also tried using other things that weren’t working so well,” says Hamadtou, who first began playing table tennis three years after his accident. “Finally, I tried using my mouth.”

Sadly, it was not only his disability that initially hindered him from achieving his goal of being a table tennis champion. He regularly faced skepticism by most people he came across.
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Sep 20

LVTTC Weekly Tournaments Commencing Every Wed!!!

Las Vegas TTC Weekly Tournaments have commenced! Please visit the club every Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM. The total prize money for this tournament is $100!!! Bring on your best game and may the best man wins!


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Jun 15

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  • Johnny Leach M.B.E
    Johnny Leach, M.B.E. passed away on Thursday, 5th June age 91. His contribution to English table tennis is widely recognised as a World Champion and a top player. However, the beneficial impact that he had on the sport working within the English Table Tennis Association and from his commercial activities was arguably of even greater benefit and, with the possible exception of Ivor Montagu, his contribution to the sport in this country was probably greater than any other individual.

    Johnny Leach – Photo by: S&G and Barratts/Empics


Jun 08

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  • Saarbrucken Are The 2014 Mens ETTU Cup Champions!
    Saarbrucken have suffered defeat in the second round of the ETTU Cup final agains Liebherr Ochsenhausen in three games to one, but an overall score of four games to three on aggregate was enough for the hosts to claim the title.

    Bastian Steger celebrating the final point – Photo by: Roscher

    Just like two weeks earler, Slovenia’s Bojan Tokic had the opportunity to open the match, in the first leg he was able to overcome former Olympic champion Ryu Seung Min however this time it was England’s young rising star player Liam Pitchford who was standing

May 28

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  • Persson, Mattenet and Ariel Hsing Join China Leagues This Year!
    The Chinese Super League has welcomed new foreign players this year, other than Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov the new foreign players that have been confirmed to be competing in China this season include, Adrien Mattenet, Jorgen Persson and Ariel Hsing. Adrien Mattenet and Jorgen Persson will play in the 1st division Jia A whilst Ariel Hsing will play in the women’s china super league!

  • World Number 1 Xu Xin Lost In Round 4 Of The China Super League!
    Shandong and Shanghai faced each other yesterday in the fourth round of the 2014 Chinese Super League, this was expected to be a great match as two of the strongest teams went head to head, however the match was mainly one sided as Shandong were able to overcome Shanghai in their second consecutive defeat this season.

    Full results below:

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