Jack Howard was a founding member of Las Vegas Table Tennis Club. He was a Table Tennis Hall of Famer and Leader in so many ways. Listing Jack Howard’s achievements in Table Tennis should be a book not a few sentences. He was the Team Captain and leader of the U.S. Table Tennis Team that went to China and on the cover of Time Magazine which was THE Magazine of the time. Our adversarial relationship with China evolved into Friendship first with Table Tennis opening the door. It was Captain Jack Howard who was the key spokesperson Player to the media for “Ping Pong Diplomacy”.

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North America Team News

Watch our very own Dr Dayo and his team compete in the North American Teams recently held in Baltimore, Maryland. Representing Spinblock#2, his team battles against team TFU.

Watch the beginning of the clip between team Spinblock#2 vs TFU

Timo Boll Lockdown Interview 2021

At a recent visit to Maberzell, Borussia Düsseldorf legend Timo Boll took some time to answer some questions for German newspaper Fuldaer Zeitung. Below is a summary including his preparations for the Tokyo Olympics and family life during the pandemic. Dreams for the Future Timo was asked if he still…

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