Critique Me

A video of me playing. Just hitting, no games. I’m the penhold player in black and red. Terrible angle thou……UlSa1owbWVwRHc

The guy I’m playing with was kind enough to pull out all his Nittaku 3-star premium 40+ from his car. Apparently he has thousands of them for some kind of project.

We were on the forth or fifth tub and my shoulder, back, legs, basically my whole body was starting to hurt.

First time seeing myself hit, I think I could benefit from bending over more and as always, along with almost all other people, footwork.

Also is it just me or does my fh stroke look weird? Is it too stiff perhaps? Or is it the follow through? I can’t really tell. I like how my RPB looks thou, even though it is pretty inaccurate XD.

Any advice would be appreciated, also maybe some drill ideas. Especially if I am practicing with lower level/about my level players. Never had any official coaching as well.

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