Juniors being mistreated in local league by grumpy senior players

I am 24 now but I still remember that as a junior growing up playing in England there were so many times where I would beat senior players and they couldn’t handle it and would started whining and complaining, coming up with every excuse under the sun as to why they lost. I very rarely got encouragement or praise from any adults other than my coaches and team mates.

I never paid much attention to it or cared much as I have quite a thick skin and I realised that losing to someone much younger who has been playing far less must be frustrating. However, this still is no excuse and isn’t a good way to be introducing younger players into the sport. Playing in local leagues as an adult I still see it on a regular basis and am maybe even more aware of it now.

Another problem with this is the league committees in England very rarely do anything about it and repeat offenders continually go unpunished. So I guess my questions are: Does this happen in your country/local league? Also is there anything more that should be done about this?

Source: New feed

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